Christ the Healer

Medical Mission to Granada, Nicaragua
Mission Office of the
Archdiocese of New Orleans


Mission Statement

Christ the Healer is an ecumenical mission program of the Archdiocese of New Orleans called to serve the people of Nicaragua. In the Name of Jesus Christ, it aims to improve the quality of life and physical healing in a partnership of ministry. Employing a holistic approach to mission, it seeks to develop an appreciation for the people and culture of Nicaragua. Christ the Healer provides an opportunity to evangelize through the same service from the people of Nicaragua.

Celebrating 27 Years in Mission

CTH was initiated by then, Monsignor Gregory Aymond, director of Propagation of the Faith for New Orleans, and Sister Mary Bertilla McNeeley, MSC (1992/93). Sister Bertilla spent two years in Granada setting up the foundation for the medical mission teams.  In 1996, Sister Renee Daigle, MSC, spent six months setting up a program for street kids known as Los Niños.  These two incredible Marianite sisters served CTH paving the way for others to serve those who were most in need.  The dream to have others follow in their footsteps has lasted for 27 years.  They also served as the inspiration to beginning the Lay Missioner Program in 2011.


Solidarity with the Diocese of Granada

First and foremost we are humbled by the continued invitation of the bishops of Granada for welcoming us to the diocese. The mission of Christ the Healer (CTH) will always strive to support the pastoral/social ministry of the diocese. This spirit is fostered through our mutual desire to work ardently for God’s Kingdom. We were very grateful that CTH has now become an official program of Catholic Charities of Granada (CCG).

CTH has always served in Granada with the invitation of the local bishop, but for the first 25 years it was the Association Cristo Sana (ACS) in Granada that made all the local arrangements and oversaw the clinics. We will always be grateful to the wonderful ladies (angels) who participated in this association. As all good things come to an end as we age, in January, 2018 we moved under the umbrella of CCG.


Mission Trips

The mission trips offer wonderful opportunities for physicians and dentists to offer basic consultative services; we have 2 dental clinics with a total of 6 chairs and a portable setup for dentists; we have an eye clinic with two chairs and a portable clinic for optometrists and a medical clinic with full pharmacy.  Due to the political situation now, working with the hospital for surgeries is no longer possible. Under the leadership of ACS we spent most of the time serving in the clinics. Now under CCG we are visiting much more the outlying areas throughout the diocese. With this new model we are also working much more closely with our clinic doctors and staff, and volunteers from the local parishes.

We offer the opportunity for nurses, medical assistants and pharmacists to serve alongside the physicians and dentists. We welcome a small number of non-medical people to join us on each mission. There is usually a designated trip coordinator and spiritual director on each trip.

Two major events have curtailed the number of trips per year. Katrina in 2005 reduced the number from 4 to 3.  In April, 2018 Nicaragua went through a time of violent political persecution; the government also began a repressive campaign against the Catholic Church. It was a year before we could return with a very small group. Deacon Pat Moran committed himself to bring the missionaries back and getting the clinics back up and running as soon as possible. This local crisis just happened to coincide with legally moving the clinics from ACS to CCG. As we may lament the added difficulties of organizing trips during this time, we are well aware that the needs of the people are now greater than ever.


Getting Involved

If you are interested in getting involved, financially supporting or receiving more information, please contact Christ the Healer at: 504-527-5774 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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